X-Pen Paradise Ballpoint Pen – Satin Chrome with Chrome Cap

X-Pen Paradise Ballpoint Pen - Satin Chrome with Chrome Cap

From X-Pens comes this classic styled, medium weight pen with a textured sating chrome body and mirror polished chrome pocket clip and trim. This is an impressive pen representing excellent value at $35.00.

X-Pens are a new name on the pen scene with a focus on high quality, state of the art technology and excellent value. The X-Pen product range includes classic and contemporary styles. The all metal bodies are well weighted and the finishes have a superb lustre.

A large, attractive , black X Pen gift box is available for an additional $7.00.

Takes standard Parker style or Fisher SPR series refills.

X-Pens have a Lifetime Warranty. If you ever have a problem with your X-Pen return it to JustWrite.

X-Pen Signature of luxury:

Those who seek luxury and quality in their writing instruments will appreciate the synergy of design, performance and value embodied by the X-Pen brand.   With more than 25 collections of all-metal pens, X-Pens’ fountain tip, ball point and roller tips are manufactured under the most stringent specifications, using components by respected industry leaders, such as Ohto (Japan), Premec (Switzerland), Schmidt (Germany) and others.   It is easy to see the superior quality of X-Pens in balance, mechanics, flow and design. Everyone is surprised by the reasonable price, while delighting in the writing experience.  The X-Pen® production process is created with emphasis on high quality and state of the art technology with accurate finish. We assure strict quality control and thorough inspection before any product leaves our factory.

The fortunate meeting between quality and price is one of the X-Pen’s greatest achievements, enabling lovers of the written word to own highly personalized writing instruments to express themselves. X-Pens are as individual as the writers themselves and, as excellent writing instruments, make very thoughtful gifts.

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