Water Brush Pen – Piston Fill with Chinese Goat Wool – Small

Water Brush Pen - Piston Fill with Chinese Goat Wool - Small


These Chinese water brush pens, also known as fountain brush pens, have a piston filler and Chinese Goat Wool brush tip. The pen can be filled with water and used to paint with watercolours in the traditional way but without the need to continually dip your brush in a container of water. Water Brush Pens can also be filled with fountain pen ink or drawing ink and used to paint directly or used for traditional Chinese and Japanese calligraphy.

The ink or water flows through the brush allowing you to paint or do calligraphy  for web design, without needing to constantly dip your brush in ink or water.  You dip the brush in fountain pen ink or water and turn the cap to fill the reservoir just like a fountain pen.

The brush tip is made of Chinese goat wool (羊毛, Youmou). Chinese goat wool brushes are flexible, durable, soft and very absorbent. Chinese goat wool brushes can be used for painting or writing and are preferred for painting because of their softness and flexibility which is ideal for colour washes using side brush strokes and creating intricate lines and curves.

Toucan fountain pen inks have a wide range of colours available, can be mixed together to make new colours and are ideal for use in brush pens. Blackstone Inks also work well and are a lot darker than the Toucan inks. Both inks are non toxic, perfectly safe and both wash out easily. Most fountain pen inks are safe to use in these brush pens but heavily saturated and permanent inks may be difficult to clean out. Heavily pigmented inks may block the brushes.

They are much easier to clean the normal brushes. Fill the reservoir with water and turn the cap to drive the piston down to force water through the brush. Blackstone Pen Flush will hurry things along and help remove every trace of ink.

*** For best results flush with water and clean brush before use. ***


Length: 195mm
Diameter: Hand grip 12mm. Barrel 10mm
Material: Plastic
Ink/Water Capacity: 5ml

Brush Details:

Material: Chinese goat wool (羊毛, Youmou)
Small: 25m x 7mm
Medium: 27mm x 8mm
Large: 35mm x 10mm

Available individually or in a  pack of all three sizes.

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