Contains 2 x  Permanent UV Security Marker Pens UV068 and one UV LED Keychain Torch Flashlight - UV0051 in a resealable plastic pack.

Permanent UV Security Marker Pen featuring a fine tip and brighter permanent UV ink. This is one of the best security marker pens available on the market today. It writes like a normal marker pen and the ink is transparent when wet but when it has dried it is not visible to the naked eye except under UV light.

These pens can be used for security marking documents and other paper products and discretely marking personal belongings to enable identification and proof of ownership and as a theft deterrent. They will write on most surfaces including plastic and metal and can be used for marking Hi Fi Equipment, televisions, cameras and most electrical and electronic appliances.

This pen has been extensively tested and has been in wide use for many years and is completely safe, however it may cause irritation on people with sensitive skins and with certain skin conditions. It should not be used in these circumstances.

UV Light Details
Quality LED UV (Ultraviolet) keychain torch suitable for use with Fisher UV pens and refills. This compact (40mm long) keychain LED torch emits UV light which causes UV ink, as used in Fisher UV pens and refills, to flouresce. Its made from impact resistant plastic with a screwed case and is water resistant but not immersion proof. It has both momentary action and click on, click off tailcap switch.

Length: 40mm
Overall Length Including keyring: 70mm
Width: 23mm
Thickness: 9mm
Light Source: 5mm UV LED
Batteries: 1 x 2032
Switch: Momentary and Click on / Click Off.
Construction: Impact resistant plastic screws casing/
Access: Four recessed screws to access battery.
Supplied with battery and keyring.

UV light is harmful to your eyes and can cause permanent damage. Never look directly at the light source and never direct the light at other peoples faces.

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UV Security Pack - Markers and Keychain Flashlight

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