UV Security Marker Pen. UV Marker Pen featuring a fine tip and permanent UV ink. It writes like a normal marker pen and the ink is transparent when wet but when it has dried it is not visible to the naked eye except under UV light. The ink in this pen flouresces bright yellow under UV light but sometimes appears blue under some UV light sources.

These pens can be used for security marking documents and discretely marking personal belongings to enable identification and proof of ownership and as a theft deterrent. They will write on most surfaces including plastic and metal and can be used for marking Hi Fi Equipment, televisions, cameras and most electrical and electronic appliances.

This pen has been extensively tested and has been in wide use for many years and is completely safe, however it may cause irritation on people with sensitive skins and with certain skin conditions. It should not be used in these circumstances. 

About Rainbow Manufacturing

Rainbow Mfg Co was established in 2003 and is an accredited Chinese Government supplier with Zhongde Quality Assurance specialising in the manufacture of UV marking pens, UV inks and rubber stamps. The Rainbow factory is situated in the Zhejiang Province in mainland China.

Rainbow products are well known throughout Asia and are exported to the USA, Europe, Britain and Australia. 

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UV Security Marker Invisible Ink Pen - Fine Point - Yellow

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