Compact UV and White light flashlight that simply snaps onto the top of a standard 9v transistor radio battery. The switch has three positions: OFF - 2 x UV LED and 4 x White LED. To change the battery, simply snap it off and snap on to a new battery.

The current drain is so low that these flashlights will usually work fine with batteries removed from Smoke Detectors after the low battery alarm has sounded.

2 x 5mm 15000mcd UV LEDs
4 x 5mm 15000mcd white LEDs
Switch:  2 x UV LED/ 4 x White LED/ Off 
Snaps onto any standard rectangular 9V Battery
(NEDA 1604, IEC 6F22, 11604, 7.2h5, Eveready type PP3 (zinc-carbon), MN1604, 6LR61, 6KR61, 6HR61 )
Lighting time: Up to 36 hours continuously (Depending on battery type)
Battery is not included.

Made by BLOCKlight, China


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UV LED Flashlight - 9v Battery Snap On - 2 UV and 4 White LEDs - Without Battery

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