Quality LED UV (Ultraviolet) dual output torch / flashlight suitable for use with Fisher UV pens, Fisher UV refills, and our UV markers, ink and paint. This medium sized (140 x 28mm) aluminium LED torch emits UV light which causes UV ink, as used in Fisher UV pens and refills and our UV Security Marker Pens to flouresce. Its made from solid aluminium with a smooth titanium coloured anodised finish. It has deep grooves machined across its width and flat machined strips along its length to provide a non slip grip. 

You press the rubberised switch once to turn on 21 leds to provide 2.5W, press it again turns on all 41 leds to provide 5w of UV light. Pressing it again turns the flashlight off. This is a very rugged, very bright UV flashlight.

This is a super bright alternative to our 4W flourescent UV blacklight if it is needed for field work or use in a rugged environment.

Length: 140mm
Reflector Diameter: 37mm
Head Diameter: 45mm
Case Diameter: 28mm
Case Wall Thickness: 2.5mm
Weight: 238g with batteries
Light Source: 41 x 5mm UV LED
Batteries: 4 x AAA
Switch: Push button On - 2.5w/5w/off on hand grip.
Construction: Machined Aluminium
Finish: Anodised titanium.
Access: End cap unscrews to access batteries.
Waterproof: O ring sealed at both ends. (NOT submersible)
Batteries are NOT included. 

Warning: UV light is harmful to your eyes and can cause permanent damage. Never look directly at the light source and never direct the light at other people faces.

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UV LED Aluminium Torch Flashlight 2.5 / 5 Watt - LS1500

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