ROF Tool Pen – GIFT BOXED – with Ballpoint, Stylus, Level, Screwdriver and Ruler – Matt Black

ROF Tool Pen - GIFT BOXED - with Ballpoint, Stylus, Level, Screwdriver and Ruler - Matt Black


ROF’s Tek Tool Stylus pen has an iPad Android stylus, ballpoint, level, screwdriver and ruler built into one slim, stylish package. The stylus works on all finger-touch type screens like Apple and Android. The ballpoint takes a standard D1 mini/multi pen refill like the Zebra 4C, so there’s no problem finding refills for it. You can also use the Fisher SU refill to have a pen that will write at any angle and on just about any surface. The stylus end unscrews to reveal the screwdriver and can be screwed back onto the ballpoint end so it doesn’t get lost when you’re using the screwdriver. The screwdriver has both a flat and a phillips type tip.

The Tek Tool Stylus pen is all metal and is surprisingly heavy at 35g. (A stainless steel Parker Jotter weighs 14g). It’s about the same length and diamter of a normal pen and you can carry it in your pocket just like any pen. The hexagonal barrel stops it from rolling off your desk or workbench and it has a knurled hand grip so it won’t slip in your hand.

This type of pen has been around since the 60s, possibly longer. I had one in the 70s that was made of painted tinplate, with a metal lever that slid down the side of the pen to extend the ballpoint. It was twice the diameter of this one and too big to carry in your pocket like a pen. So, it’s not a new idea but this incarnation actually works and is quite useful.


Dimensions: 150 x 10mm
Weight: 35g
Colour: Matt black with chrome trim.
Construction: Brass, aluminium and steel.
Twist action.
Refill: D1 mini/multi pen refill, Zebra 4C, Fisher SU.
Warranty: 12 months

About ROF:

ROF Electronic Co. Ltd.was established in 2009 at Shenzhen, China, with in house design, research and development, manufacturing a wide range of Apple accessories and products. The company is devoted to provide elegant, high quality, practical Apple accessories and products including chargers, touch pens, cases, leather cases, silicone cases, TPU cases, EVA cases, Bluetooth speaker, and other electronic products and accessories. ROF Electronic also provide extensive OEM and ODM services for clients in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and Singapore, Italia, Mid-East, and Europe.

ROF Electronic’s philosophy is “Surviving on high quality, developing on good prestige, meeting the need of the customers, provide fast, flexible and efficient service.”

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