Armed Notebook – Grenade

Armed Notebook – Grenade


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Armed Notebooks pack a 3D punch with weapon designs in a serious matte black finish. Unique designer notebooks with PVC cover featuring a raised 3D Hand Grenage on the cover. Notebooks can be boring… or pretentious. Not this one. Blow those Moleskine posers away when this lands on the boardroom table with a definite thud.

We’re all for upgrading the little things in life, and arming yourself with one of these notebooks will decidedly make note taking, sketching, or list making a better part of your day.

Armed Notebooks are a substantial, high quality notebook with a thick PVC cover, metal spiral binding and a PVC back. The paper is also high quality with a smooth, semi matte surface that is a delight to write on.

Dimensions: 185 x 145 x 15 mm
Materials: PVC cover, Paper, Metal Spiral Bound
Page Pattern: 6mm graph.
No of Pages: 60 pages
Weight: 284g

Also available in Hand Gun and Knife versions and as a complete set of 3.

Armed Notebooks: Bringing Weaponry to any Note-Taking Environment


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