AG7-11 Astronaut Pen – the EXACT Model Used by Astronauts

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This Space Pen is  the EXACT model that was used in 1968 on the Apollo VII mission and has been used on all manned space flights since and it features special engraving to commemorate the 1969 moon landing. These days there are lots of pens claiming to be Space Pens or Astronaut pens and Fisher make a large range of pens now, but this one is the EXACT model used by Astronauts. Paul Fisher patented this pen in 1965 and in the same year submitted samples to NASA. After 2 years of testing by NASA – they passed every test and have been used on every manned space flight ever since.
The design and construction of this pen has not changed since 1965. The pen you buy today is exactly the same as the one used on Apollo VII in 1968. They are still made exactly the same way, machined from a solid brass rod (most metal pens today are extruded from thin sheets of metal). They have an extremely hard chromium plating and are hand assembled. These pens are made in the Fisher factory in Nevada in the USA.
It actually looks quite unremarkable at first glance – just a plain chrome finished pen, with no fancy patterns or contrasting trim, that tapers towards the tip like most pens. But the moment you pick it up you know it’s very different to other pens. It feels heavy but well balanced, and it feels solid. Substantial. It feels good to hold in your hand.
It’s about the same thickness as a Parker Jotter but that’s where the similarity begins and ends. The AG7 Astronaut Pen is built like a tank and you know it the moment you hold it in your hand.
It looks and feels indestructible – it feels like a reliable tool should feel – weighty, balanced, solid, with no annoying creaks,  rattles or looseness.
It’s a click action pen with top button that extends the refill and a unique side button to retract it, which enables easy single handed operation. You can slide your thumb along the pen to retract the refill without moving your hand from the writing position. When you press the side button the refill retracts with a very definite action and a satisfying thud.
The pocket clip is chrome plated hardened steel and is incredibly sturdy, it will clip over a substantial thickness of fabric without straining.  To replace the refill, the pen unscrews in the middle with very solid, perfectly aligned  threads.
The AG7 Astronaut Pen is attractively packaged in large black plastic gift box with full colour protective sleeve and a leaflet telling the story of the Fisher Space Pen. It’s an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates quality workmanship and tough, well designed tools.
The AG7 Astronaut Pen has been used on all NASA manned space missions including all Apollo and Shuttle missions, the ISS International Space Station, the Russian Soyuz and MIR space flights, the French ARIANE Space Program, and the Everest North Face Ski Expedition.
Dimensions: 130mm x 13mm.
Refill: Fisher SPR series available in Fine, Medium and Bold and in a range of colours in Medium.
Lifetime Guarantee. If you ever have a problem with this pen simply return it to JustWrite.


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