Examination OCR Pencil. This pencil is specifically designed for use with any OCR or optical scanning forms including; examinations, surveys, scoring, multiple choice questionaires, standardised tests and practically any type of OCR form. The rectangular shape of the pencil prevents it from rolling away at a critical moment during an exam or test.

Unlike most pencils which have round leads, the TIZO pencil has a rectangular lead 1.8mm wide and .9mm thick. This leaves a very dark line 1.8mm wide which is perfect for most optical scanners. The 2B grade lead leaves a dark line without requiring much pressure and the lead is specially formulated for both optical and infared scanners. The TIZO Exam Pencil has far more surface area in contact with the paper making it less likely to break and it will also write for much longer than normal pencils. It has a surface area of 1.62 square mm in contact with the paper, compared to 0.19 square mm for a .5mm lead and .38 square mm for a .7mm lead.

It's not just a boring old exam pen though - the rectangular lead is also great for drawing - especially shading.

Each pen is packaged in it's own very attractive and distinctly Chinese looking tube with an instruction leaflet. (Written in Mandarin).

They will make a unique and interesting Christmas gift, ideal as a Stocking Filler.

Slip resistant matt finish.
ABS plastic body
Standard top click lead advance
Eraser: 7mm x 4mm (remove cap at top of pen to access)
Length: 146mm
Width: 10mm.
Thickness: 8mm
Weight: 15g
Warranty: 1 years
Refill: 1.8 x .9mm x 60mm 2B black rectangular lead. Refillable.
Available in Black,Brown, Blue and Grey.


About TIZO: (In their own words)
As the world's largest mechanical pencil producer – Tianjiao enjoys the reputation as the best pen maker in China, dubbed "The King of Chinese Pen Making" and "The King of Mechanical Pencil Maker." Our goal is to provide our customers with the best writing products available. We are a world class stationery company with large scale operations and intensive modern management. We are the leading research and manufacturing center for stationery products, with many manufacturing plants in China and Vietnam. Our two main brands, TIJI and TIZO, are famous throughout China with over 10 sales branches on the mainland. We are also recognized around the world with more than 20 branches and agents in Europe, America and Asia.

With more than 3000 dedicated employees, we are constantly improving innovation and design. Every employee undergoes intense training. Consequently, our understanding of writing products is unparalleled. We have built our reputation as a reliable pen-maker, and we hold more than 100 patents devoted specifically towards creating the best writing instrument. These patents have created industry leading products such as the Mechanical Pencil, Ball pen, GEL pen, Roller pen, Water-color pen, and Eraser pen.

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Exam and OCR Pencil - 1.8 x .9mm Lead

  • Brand: TIZO - China
  • Product Code: 1999
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