Set of three Sakura Water Pen Brushes. One of each small, medium and large. A Water Brush Pen has a reservoir for ink or water and a brush tip. The ink or water flows through the brush allowing you to paint or do calligraphy without needing to constantly dip your brush in ink or water. You can squeeze the barrel to increase the ink flow. The pen can be filled with water and used to paint with watercolours in the traditional way but without the need to continually dip your brush in a container of water. Water Brush Pens can also be filled with fountain pen ink or drawing ink and used to paint directly or used for traditional Chinese and Japanese calligraphy.

Toucan fountain pen inks have a wide range of colours available, can be mixed together to make new colours and are ideal for use in brush pens. Blackstone Inks also work well and are a lot darker than the Toucan inks. Both inks are non toxic, perfectly safe and both wash out easily. Most fountain pen inks are safe to use in these brush pens but heavily saturated and permanent inks may be difficult to clean out. Heavily pigmented inks may block the brushes.

The Japanese made Sakura water brush pens have synthetic fibre brush tips which are suitable for calligraphy or painting.

These brush pens come with a reservoir cap so you can rinse out the brush and keep the ink in the reservoir. They have a reverse thread (anti clockwise on, clockwise off)  thread to help prevent accidental unscrewing the barrel while full of ink or water. They are much easier to clean the normal brushes. Fill the reservoir with water and squeeze the reservoir to force water through the bristles. Blackstone Pen Flush will hurry things along and help remove every trace of ink.

If using water, these brush pens can be filled directly from the tap but a small funnel or our Fountain Pen Refill Kit will make things easier if you are using fountain pen inks.

*** For best results flush with water and clean brush before use. ***

Length: 110mm
Diameter: Hand grip 12mm. Barrel 13mm
Material: HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
Ink/Water Capacity: 6ml

Brush Details:
Material: Synthetic Nylon
Small: 14mm x 2.5mm
Medium: 16mm x 4mm
Large: 17mm x 6mm

Available individually or in a  pack of all three sizes.

About Sakura:

Sakura have a long and innovative history. They started in 1921, making crayons, but moved into ink in the 1980s, and changed the pen world for everyone.

They developed the first sub-micron pigments, which enabled waterproof and lightfast drawing ink to be delivered through narrow nib structures, leading to the legendary Pigma Micron drawing pens. In 1984, they launched the world’s first gel ink pen, creating the Gelly Roll brand and a whole new category of writing instruments.

They now specialise in high quality pens for crafting, marking and drawing.

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Sakura Water Brush Pen 6ml - Set of 3 - Small, Medium and Large

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