• Space Pen Refill - Multifunction Black Fine Point


Space Pen Refills - the best Pen Refill in the world.

  • Writes on almost anything
  • Writes at any angle
  • Writes upside down
  • Will never dry out
  • Fits most Parker Pens
  • Tungsten Carbide Ball
  • Solid Brass Case
  • The EXACT refill used in Space
  • Fine, Medium and Bold Points
  • Writes over fingerprints, on damp or oil stained paper
  • Will not leak in your pocket or anywhere
  • Lasts 3 times longer than most refills. Writes 5,000M
  • Works between 120oC and Minus 35oC
  • Fits any pen that takes standard Parker refills
  • Stainless Steel Ball Socket
  • Pressurised with Nitrogen
  • Writes under water
  • Wide range of ink colours
  • Unconditionally Guaranteed

The SU series Space Pen Refill fits most Fisher Q4 and most Multifunction and small Data pens. The SU Universal Series refills have two break off points to adjust the size to fit a wide range of pens. Simply hold your current refill against the Fisher SU refill and snap it off at the correct length. The first break off point is at 67mm which suits Most Multifunction and Data pens.
This refill was originally developed by Paul Fisher in 1953 when ballpoint pens were new and every pen took a different refill. Fisher's unique break off points allowed this refill to fit a wide range of 1950s ballpoint pens. These days the first break off point is the most common size but there are still quite a few pens that take the longer sizes.

If you don't think the Fisher Space Pen Refill writes better than any other refill you have tried, simply return it within 7 days for a full refund. 

Fisher Space Pen refills are unconditionally guaranteed against defects. If failure occurs during normal use, simply return it to us and we will replace it.

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Space Pen Refill - Multifunction Black Fine Point

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