Nokia Stylus – Suits Most Resistive Screens – Orange

Nokia Stylus - Suits Most Resistive Screens - Orange

This quality Stylus works with any Nokia, Palm, Motorola, Androids and just about any device that comes with a little, hard, pointy stylus (Resistive Screen). You can do everything with this stylus that you can do with the little skinny one that came with your device – tap, double tap, type, drag and scroll.

This PDA Stylus has an anodised aluminium body, retainer strap to attach to your device, and a specially designed nylon tip to react with the screen without scratching it but we recommend you use a protective cover to prevent dirt and dust being dragged across the screen and scratching it.

And they’re so good looking – much better than those skinny, ridiculous little styluses.


  • Tap, double tap, type,drag and scroll
  • Nylon tip will not scratch your screen
  • Built in retainer strap
  • Anodised aluminium body
  • Specially designed nylon tip
  • Dimensions: 55 x 11 x 4 mm
  • Works with most Resistive Screens

Note: Â This Stylus will work with PDAs or any screen that uses a hard pointed tip stylus. It does not work with iPhones, iPads or any Capacitive (finger touch)Â screen.

About OEM Products:

OEM  (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products are products manufactured by one company and used in other company’s products or sold under the second company’s brand name. OEM products generally sell for much less than brand name products because of their ability to reduce the cost of production through economies of scale and because OEM manufacturers don’t have the same advertising and marketing costs that big brand name products do.

OEM is quite common today especially in the consumer electronics market where it allows major companies to outsource the manufacture of components to specialist manufacturers who have incredibly large production runs to keep prices down.

This practice has been around for many years but the term OEM wasn’t coined until the 1950s when IBM first used it to refer to IBM computer components that other manufacturers included in their products.

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