This matt black, slip resistant finished version of the M4 Space Pen is a favourite with members of US Defence Forces, police and emergency services personnel as well as scientists and anyone working in the field or in any harsh environment. It is rugged and tough, writes under any conditions and yet with it's sleek black finish looks right at home on an executive desk. 

Fisher Capomatic pens look and feel like pens costing up to four times their price. These pens really are exceptional value for money. The Capomatic Space Pen features a unique and elegant design. The pen has the appearance of being capped, but the cap functions as a one handed retractable click mechanism. Solid brass construction with a slip resistant, matt black finish. The pen is available with an optional  heavy duty gift box (same as the Astronaut AG7) with felt lining with a booklet describing the history of the Fisher Space Pen.

 Some people may find the Bullet Space Pens too small  and the Astronaut Space Pens a bit too big and heavy - but this one may be just right. The price is right too. It's available in a polished chrome, stunning polished brass (looks like Gold) and a matt black version. It's a slim pen at 9mm diameter and lightweight compared to the Astronaut Space Pens but it's made in the USA the Fisher way from machined brass with a thick, heavy duty chrome plating polished to a high gloss.

 It's still a Genuine Fisher Space Pen with the same functionality as all Fisher Space Pens - it will write on just about any surface, will write at any angle, will never leak in your pocket and has a refill that will last about 3 times longer than a standard Parker refill. Fisher Spaces pens are also built tough - they can take all kinds of punishment and will work in the most extreme environments. 

 These pens make great, sensibly priced Gifts that are interesting and exciting - and useful. They make an ideal gift for people you never know what to get and you can get an optional  heavy duty gift box (same as the Astronaut AG7) with felt lining with a booklet describing the history of the Fisher Space Pen.

 Whenever Fisher Space Pens come up in conversation there's always someone who will recount the story of how the Americans spent million of dollars developing a pen to write in space and the Russians used a pencil. We hear it all the time. When they do, you can casually refer them to the Snopes Website where this Urban Myth is exposed. Like we do. 

Now available without the gift box.
You can now choose to get this pen without the gift box and save $5.00

  • Made from machined brass
  • Thick, hard chromium plating
  • One handed retractable click mechanism.
  • Dimensions: 132mm long, 9mm thick.
  • Comes with a leaflet briefly describng the history of the Space Pen
  • Contains an SPR4 black refill.
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Guarantee


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Military Space Pen Matt Black M4B

  • $40.00

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