Jinhao Rollerball Refill – Push In – Black fine 0.5mm

Jinhao Rollerball Refill - Push In - Black fine 0.5mm


Fits all Jinhao and most Chinese rollerball pens that don’t take a screw in refill. These are top quality metal barrelled refills from Jinhao, one of China’s leading pen manufacturers.

Fits all Chinese rollerballs on this site including Duke, Jinhao, Dewen, Hero and Huashilai unless otherwise stated in the pen description. They will also fit many other brands but the diameter of the end of the tip is 0.5mm less than a standard rollerball refill. Surprisingly this makes quite a difference. In most pens they are fine but in some pens there is a slight movement.

Standard European rollerball refills will NOT fit most Chinese rollerballs because of this size difference.


Overall length: 111mm
Width: 6mm
Tip to first step: 15mm
Tip to second step: 21mm
First step width: 2mm
Second step width: 2.5mm
Third step width: 4mm

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