Jinhao 601 fountain pen is a stunning new release from Jinhao featuring a black knurled non slip hand grip, arrow shaped pocket clip, 18K plated gold nib and with a Jinhao Deluxe brass converter. They come in a range of deep, dark, glossy lacquer finishes and a highly polished chrome version. It's a mid sized pen at 132mm long and a light-medium weight at 29g.

The knurled hand grip works very well and it's fine enough to be comfortable when writing for long periods yet provides a definite, non slip grip.  It's a very smart looking pen and the knurled hand grip is a practical and worthwhile addition.

Fountain Pen Specifications:
Dimensions: 132mm capped, 122mm uncapped.
Cap: 59mm x 12.5mm diameter
Barrel: 11mm.
Weight: 29g
Finish: High Gloss
Construction: Brass and steel.
Trim: Chrome
Nib: Medium. 18KGP Iridium tip.
Ink Filler: Supplied with Deluxe Jinhao converter and takes standard Ink Cartridges.
Warranty: 2 years. If you have any problems with this pen return it to JustWrite for repair, replacement or refund.

About Jinhao
Jinhao pens are made by the Shanghai Qiangu Stationery Co., Ltd which was established in 1988 and is located in Shanghai, China. The company has two manufacturing factories and employs about 300 workers. The company primarily manufactures writing instruments such as fountain pens, rollerball pens, ball point pens, mechanical pencils and associated products such as pencil lead, ink and refills.

Shanghai Qiangu Stationery Co., Ltd has ISO9001:2000 quality assurance accreditation. Jinhao are well known in China and throughout Asia but have only recently been introduced to Europe, the United States and Australia.

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Jinhao 601 Fountain Pen - Dark Blue - Medium Nib

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