Hero 359 Artist Brush Fountain Pen – Blue Purple and Red

Hero 359 Artist Brush Fountain Pen - Blue Purple and Red


The Hero 359 Artist Brush Fountain Pen is an elongated version of the Hero 359 Brush Fountain Pen specifically designed for calligraphers and artists used to working with paint brushes. It’s a whopping 170mm long uncapped, about 40mm longer than the standard 359 fountain pens with a blue, purple and red finish with a faint touch of glimmer.

The Hero 359 Brush Fountain Pen has a brush instead of the usual steel nib. It has a removable converter and takes the Hero/Parker style converter and ink cartridges.

This pen can be filled with fountain pen ink or drawing ink and used to paint directly or used for traditional Chinese and Japanese calligraphy.

The ink or water flows through the brush allowing you to paint or do calligraphy without needing to constantly dip your brush in ink or water.

Chinese ‘Fountain Brush Pens’ have been around for a long time but this is the first time we’ve seen one that looks exactly like a fountain pen.

*** For best results flush with water or Pen Flush and clean brush before use. ***


Dimensions: 180mm capped. 170mm uncapped.
Diameter: 12.mm
Weight: 18g
Trim: Chrome plated steel
Finish: Gloss
Construction: Acrylic and steel.
Nib: Fine brush.
Ink Filler: Hero Parker style converter.
Accepts Parker converters and cartridges and Hero Parker style converters and cartridges.

About Hero Pens

Hero pens are made by the Shanghai Hero Pen Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of the Shanghai Hero Group Co. Ltd, a diverse multi-industry company, with thirteen subsidiaries, including the manufacture of pens, musical instruments, appliances, chemicals and real estate.

Hero Pen Co was founded in 1931 as the Huafu Pen Factory and in 1966 was renamed Hero Pen Factory. Hero pen brands include, Hero, Doctor, Happiness, Huafu, Xinming, Guanleming, Xinhua, and Gentleman.

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