Two sheets of 12000 grit Micro Mesh abrasive paper 75 x 50 mm.

These very fine abrasive sheets are used to smooth 'scratchy' nibs. A fountain pen nib should glide smoothly over paper with almost no resistance. If your nib feels like it is dragging on the paper or making a scratching sound then you have a 'scratchy' nib. They work just like any abrasive paper except you apply the pen to the abrasive,  the abrasive to the pen. To smooth a nib you 'Write' on the Micro Mesh sheet the same way you normally write.

Misaligned tines are another cause of 'scratchy' nibs so examine your nib with a magnifying glass to ensure the nibs are properly aligned before using Micro Mesh. Micro Mesh will only make things worse if the tines are not aligned properly.

1) Flush your pen and dry the nib.
2) If your nib is scratchy in one direction. Eg. Downward, left to right. 'Write'on the Micro Mesh in the same direction only.
If your nib is scratchy in every direction, draw a figure eight on the Micro Mesh.
3) Do this three times then dip the nib in ink and test it.
4) Never do more than three strokes on the Micro mesh at one time.
5) Apply normal writing pressure on the Micro Mesh. Pressing harder will not help or hasten the process.

If your nib is still a little bit scratchy after the Micro Mesh treatment, our Mylar sheets are even finer abrasives and will give your nib the smoothest possible finish.

Using this product on a pen under warranty will void that warranty. We strongly recommend that you make a claim under the warranty and not attempt to fix it yourself.
This product can rectify or improve a wide range of fountain pen problems but can also, if used incorrectly, make things worse and even irrepairably damage the nib or the pen.
We strongly recommend that you practice on an inexpensive pen first to gain experience and that you exercise great care at all times when using this product.

Micro Mesh is a state of the art abrasive made my MicroSurface Finishing Products Inc in the US. Micro Mesh is made with a flexible cotton backing with polymer emulsion cushioning layer and large micron graded silicon carbide crystals suspended in an ultra flexible resin bond.

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Micro Mesh 12000 Grit- 75 x 50 mm Sheet - Pack of 2

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