• Brass Sheet 0.05mm (.002") - 25 x 50 mm - Pack of 2

Two brass Sheets 0.05mm (.002") - 25 x 50 mm for cleaning nib tines.

These brass sheets are used to remove paper fibres from nibs and dried up ink from fountain pen nibs and ink feeders. These sheets work in a similar way to Dental Floss. Brass is generally safe and non-reactive with most nibs but care should be taken not to scratch gold plating or other finishes off nibs.

1) There is no need to remove the nib from the pen.
2) Insert one corner of the sheet into the slit of the nib and slowly drag it towards the tip.
3) Allow the sheet to ease it's way up out of the tines as it gets closer to the tip where the tines are closer together.
4) Inspect the nib carefully with a magnifying glass and repeat if necessary.
5) Thoroughly flush the pen with a flusher bulb to remove any dislodged residue.

To clean ink feeders, carefully scrape the dried ink from between the fins of the feeder with one of the corners.

When the corner becomes worn, cut a thin strip off the short side with scissors to give you a new sharp corner.

Using this product on a pen under warranty will void that warranty. We strongly recommend that you make a claim under the warranty and not attempt to fix it yourself.
This product can rectify or improve a wide range of fountain pen problems but can also, if used incorrectly, make things worse and even irrepairably damage the nib or the pen.
We strongly recommend that you practice on an inexpensive pen first to gain experience and that you exercise great care at all times when using this product.

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Brass Sheet 0.05mm (.002") - 25 x 50 mm - Pack of 2

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