The Schneider Zippi is a brightly coloured, fun, lightweight, slim, compact fountain pen from Schneider in Germany. At 128mm long, 10.5mm diameter and 9.5g capped, it's the smallest of the Schneider range. The Zippi is all plastic with a transparent barrel decorated with zany animal motifs and symbols. The cap is a softer, more flexible translucent plastic and the pocket clip and cap are moulded in one piece.

The hand grip is plastic with a matt, non slip finish and a subtle ergonomic shape that is quite comfortable to hold. Like all Schneider hand grips, your fingers seem to automatically go to the best position. The nib is a semi wrap around type similar to the other Schneider nibs but it has no logo or markings at all. The nib is not iridium tipped and instead the tip of each tine is folded down to form the writing tip. I've seen this folded nib before on inexpensive European fountain pens but not very often. The folded nib works fine and I cannot tell the difference between a tipped nib in this price range. 

The cap posts securely but (as usual) I would be worried about the designs on the barrel eventually being worn by the cap rubbing on them every time the cap was posted and removed. 

The Schneider Zippi is a fun, inexpensive, quality pen from Schneider and there is only one thing we don't like about it.

The Zippi does not take a converter.

It's about 3mm short of headroom to accept a standard International type converter. You COULD use it with a converter. A standard converter fits perfectly into the section and you can screw the cap on about three quarters of a turn. That's enough to hold it securely but it's an inelegant solution. The Zippi is probably aimed at cartridge users but it's a shame that an extra 3mm on the barrel and a standard converter would have fitted.

This Mini Aerometric Converter will fit the Zippi.


Ergonomic hand grip.
ABS plastic body.
One piece moulded cap and pocket clip
Cap posts securely.
German Made quality.
Accepts standard ink cartridges.
Does NOT accept standard converters.
Two Year Warranty


Brand: Schneider
Model: Zippi 168923
Barrel Material: Plastic.
Barrel Colour: Transparent blue with colourful animal motifs.
Cap Material: Plastic.
Cap Colour: Transparent blue with colourful animal motifs.
Cap Type: Snap on.
Does Cap Post: Yes. 
Hand Grip Material: Plastic.
Trim Material: None

Barrel Diameter: 10.5mm
Cap Diameter: 12.5mm
Hand Grip Diameter: 9mm to 10mm
Hand Grip Length: 30mm.
Length Capped: 128mm
Length with Cap Posted: 148mm
Length Uncapped: 116mm

Total Weight: 9.5g
Body Weight: 6.2g
Cap Weight: 3.3g

Filling Mechanism: Accepts Standard International Cartridges only. DOes not accept standard sized converter.

Nib Size: Proprietary 
Nib Options: M
Material: Stainless Steel.
Warranty: Two Years. 

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Schneider Zippi Fountain Pen - Blue - Medium Nib

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