The first thing you will notice about the Schneider Base fountain pen is the pocket clip. It's wide, sturdy and looks like a ski slope.  It's incredibly strong though and that final curve at the end makes it easy to slide over your pocket. The next thing you will probably notice is the body shape. It looks round like most fountain pens at first glance but it's actually only 3/4 round and has a flat panel with a lined pattern. The cap has the same profile with a flat section under the pocket clip. 

Both ends of the pen go into the cap no matter which way they are aligned but if you line them up when posting the cap, the nib and pocket clip end up in line and it feels better balanced this way. The cap feels loose when it's posted but it won't fall off unless you shake it vigorously.

The pen is made from glossy ABS plastic and it has a quality look and feel about it. The hand grip is ergonomically shaped to conform to your finger grip and is rubberised providing a soft slip resistant grip that feels very comfortable. It's a full sized pen at 143mm capped, weighing 19g and it's big enough to write with comfortably without the cap at 130mm. 

The Schneider Base looks like a workhorse pen designed to be comfortable for prolonged writing sessions with a few clever design elements to make it stand out from the herd a little.

The nib is polished stainless steel and, like the rest of the pen, is Made in Germany by Schneider.


Ergonomic, rubberised hand grip.
ABS plastic body.
Chrome plated metal pocket clip
Cap posts securely.
German Made quality.
Accepts standard ink cartridges and converters.
Two Year Warranty


Brand: Schneider
Model: Base 160243
Barrel Material: ABS plastic.
Barrel Colour: Blue
Cap Material: ABS plastic.
Cap Colour: Black
Cap Type: Snap on.
Does Cap Post: Yes. 
Hand Grip Material: Light blue Rubberised ABS plastic.
Trim Material: None

Barrel Diameter: 12.5mm
Cap Diameter: 14mm
Hand Grip Diameter: 10mm to 12mm
Hand Grip Length: 28mm.
Length Capped: 143mm
Length with Cap Posted: 160mm
Length Uncapped: 130

Total Weight: 19g
Body Weight: 10.5g
Cap Weight: 8.5g

Filling Mechanism: Accepts Standard International Cartridges and Converter.

Nib Size: Proprietary 
Nib Options: M, or Left Handed M
Material: Stainless Steel.
Warranty: Two Years. 

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Schneider Base Fountain Pen - Blue - Medium Nib

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