The Diplomat Aero fountain pen is a stunning, anodized aluminum pen with a shape and design inspired by the Zeppelin dirigibles. The grooved body body swells toward the middle of the pen then tapers down to each end. At 42g capped it's a medium/heavy pen but tapered shape makes it nicely balanced in your hand. At 129mm long without the cap posted it's long enough to hold comfortably and that drops the weight down to only 30g.
The section is longer than most pens providing enough length for a comfortable, secure grip and it has a lightly textured, non-slip finish which should overcome the dislike a lot of fountain pen users have for metal sections.
Material: Solid machined aluminum.
Finish: Matt anodised aluminium.
Length Capped: 140mm
Length Uncapped: 129mm
Length with cap Posted: 158mm
Barrel Diameter: 15mm at centre tapering to both ends.
Weight: 42g
Weight Uncapped: 30g
Ink Filler: Standard rotary piston convertor and Universal/International cartridges.
Nib: Stainless Steel. EF, F, M or B available.

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Diplomat Aero Fountain Pen - Matt Silver - M Nib

  • $295.00

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