Flex Nib for the Dilli Fountain Pen.

Flex Nib:
Antique steel.
Line width from 0.3mm to 2mm fully flexed.

Flex Nibs are simply nibs that are more flexible than normal nibs.  When you press down on a flex nib, the nib’s tines spread apart, making a broader line.  Normal nibs are rigid, with little flexibility. If you press down too hard on a normal nib, the tines may spread apart but they will dig into the paper and will eventually stay apart. The direction determines the line width with Stub, Italic and Calligraphy Nibs. The downward presssure determines the line width with the flex nib. Their ability to make varying line widths in any direction can produce very interesting, attractive and unique styles of handwriting.

Flex nibs take a bit of practice to master but produce a unique style of handwriting that is a reflection of the user's own handwriting style.

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Dilli Fountain Pen Nib - Flex

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