Before Fountain Pens there were Dip Pens and now they are back with a 2017 makeover. These dip pens are capped so when you have finished writing or drawing you can replace the cap to protect the nib and to prevent the sharp nib causing injury. The cap posts when you are writing or drawing and also holds 4 spare nibs. The capped dip pen is a compact 111mm long when the cap is fitted. These capped dip pens are fitted with a Brandauer fine flex nib and come with four Myer flex, fine nibs. Nibs are Made in England.

Dip pens are very simple writing instruments that consist of a nib holder and a replaceable nib that is simply pushed into the business end of the holder. They don't use an ink cartridge or contain an ink reservoir of any kind. You simply dip the nib in ink and write.

The fountain pen was regarded as a huge improvement  and rapidly took over from the dip pen. Being able to write pages instead of just a few lines was regarded as a major improvement but there are some very distinct advantages to a Nib Pen. There is practically nothing that can go wrong with a Dip Pen - you can use any type of ink in them, they don't clog or leak, there are no fine feeders or capillary tubes to block, and you can very easily replace the nib allowing you to use a wide range of nibs in the same pen. Dip pen nibs are very flexible allowing you to vary the width of lines quite dramatically.

Oh, and they're fun to write with.

Here are the basics:
1) Dip the nib into an ink well for a few seconds.
2) Drag the nib over the edge of the ink well to remove excess ink.
3) Get the nib started on a scrap of paper.
4) Write. When it runs out of ink repeat 1) and 4).

It's best not to dip the nib into a bottle of ink that you use for your fountain pens as it could become contaminated with paper fibres which could block your fountain pen. You don't need a fancy ink well though - an egg cup is ideal. 

Please Note: These nibs have a paraffin based sealant on them to prevent tarnishing and need to be washed in warm water with a bit of detergent before use. Otherwise they won't draw up the ink.

Dip pens are still in wide usage today and are the weapon of choice for many illustrators, artists, graphic novelists especially manga authors.

Dimensions: 137mm with nib fitted and cap posted.
Width: 10mm
Weight: 7g
Colour: Pink
Finish: Glossy
Construction: Steel and aluminium.
Nib: Fine. Steel.
Ink Filler: Dip nib into ink to load with ink.
Fitted with a Brandauer fine nib and supplied with 4 Myer nibs.
Warranty: 2 years. If you have any problems with this pen return it to JustWrite for repair, replacement or refund.

About Myers and Sons Ltd:

In 1837, Meyer Myers established Myers and Sons Ltd in Birmingham UK in premises at 2 Newhall St and moved into purpose built works in Charlottes St in 1854.

In the 1850s Birmingham was the centre of the world's pen trade with more than half the world's pens and nibs being made in that city and surrounds. The Birmingham Pen Trade, as it became known, employed thousands of people and developed new manufacturing techniques to mass produce pens and nibs cheaply and efficiently. Pens made in Birmingham in the 1850s were sold all over the world and the Birmingham Pen Trade is often credited with encouraging education and literacy by making pens affordable to people who previously could not afford to write.

Myers and Sons were at the forefront of the Birmingham Pen Trade along with names that are still with us today like Leonardt, Esterbrook and Gillots. Myers and Sons made a huge range of office, writing accessories and became famous for their unique (at the time) Bulldog Paper Clip.

The firm flourished until it was sold to Avery International in 1985 when it was transformed from a typical English family business into a division of an multinational corporation. The business continues to this day under the Avery name.

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Capped Dip Pen 2017 Style - With 5 Nibs - Pink

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