Fountain Pen Grip 75 x 25mm

Fountain Pen Grip 75 x 25mm

This slip resistant PVC Pen Grip will make removing nibs and feeders so much easier. Sometimes nibs and feeders can be very difficult to remove and this mat greatly improves your grip and protects both your fingers and the nib and feeder.


  1. Take careful note of how the nib is positioned in relation to the feeder and the feeder in relation to the pen for when you replace the nib.
  2. Wrap the Pen Grip firmly around the nib/feeder assembly.
  3. Grip the nib/feeder assembly firmly between thumb and forefinger taking care not to crush the feeder fins and twist slightly while pulling straight out from the pen.
  4. Align the nib with the feeder as it was before and carefully re-insert the nib and feeder back in the pen.

When replacing the nib/feeder make sure the nib is aligned with the feeder and the nib/feeder assembly is aligned with the pen exactly as it was when you removed it.

Most nib sections simply pull straight out – all Chinese pens do. Some have a flat section that needs to be aligned before replacing the nib/feeder assembly.

Some nibs (Diplomat) are not designed to be removed and a few screw in. Some can be very difficult to remove but if they refuse to budge then check to make sure they are removable.

Some types of ink can glue the feeder to the pen and you may need to soak the pen before you can remove the nib.


  • Made from PVC.
  • Dimensions: 75 x 25mm
  • Slip resistant material and raised pattern.


  • Using this product on a pen under warranty may void that warranty. We strongly recommend that you make a claim under the warranty and not attempt to fix it yourself.
  • This product can rectify or improve a wide range of fountain pen problems but can also, if used incorrectly, make things worse and even irreparably damage the nib or the pen.
  • We strongly recommend that you practice on an inexpensive pen first to gain experience and that you exercise great care at all times when using this product.

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