New from Fountain Pen Revolution. A crystal clear Dilli that lets you see exactly how a fountain pen works. You can clearly see how the piston filler moves and draws ink into the pen and you can also see at a glance the colour of the ink you have in the pen. The Dilli Clear is shown here with Toucan's Magenta ink.

The Dilli Fountain Pen is an acrylic, piston filller pen available with your choice of fine, medium, fine stub or flex nibs. Dilli is the local pronunciation of Dehli, the capital city of India and the Dilli is the first pen from Fountain Pen Revolution's FPR Collection.

The Dilli Fountain Pen is a robust, lightweight fountain pen that represents exceptional value. You can choose Fine, Medium, Fine Stub or Flex nibs. Fine Stub and Flex nibs are an additional $3.00.

Replacement nibs are also available.

Through an exclusive arrangement with Fountain Pen Revolution, JustWrite is delighted to offer the Dilli Fountain Pen for the first time in Australia.

Colour: Clear
Finish: Glossy
Body: Acrylic
Trim: Chrome
Cap Type: Screw on
With cap: 139mm
Without cap: 120mm
With cap posted: 146mm.
Diameter: Section 9mm, body 11mm
Weight: 14g
Nib Material: Antique or Chrome Plated Steel.
Nib Size: Available in Fine, Medium, Fine Stub and Flex. (See below)
Ink Filler: Piston Screw. Twist the knob at the top of the pen to fill. Bottled ink only.
Ink Capacity: 2ml
Made to Fountain Pen Revolution specifications.
Warranty: 2 years. If you have any problems with this pen return it to JustWrite for repair, replacement or refund.

About Piston Filler Pens

The piston filler is one of the simplest fountain pen filling systems. A knob at the end of the pen drives a piston which sucks ink into the pen. You simply turn the knob at the end of the pen as far as it will go, place the nib in the ink and turn the knob the other way.
Screw piston fillers were first developed in 1820 and became very popular following the release of the original Pelikan fountain pen in 1929 which used a screw piston  filler. Piston fillers are still used in several high end pens including Pelikan, Omas, Pilot and Sailor.

About the Nibs:

Fine Nib:
Chrome finish.
Line width 0.4mm.

Medium Nib:
Chrome finish.
Line width 0.6mm.

Stub Nib:
Chrome finish.
Line width 0.3mm horizontal to 1.1mm vertical.
A stub nib has a wider than normal, oval shaped tip. It makes a broader line vertically and a thinner line horizontally. Normal nibs have a round tip and make the same thickness of line in any direction. A Stub nib is similar to an Italic or Calligraphy nib but the variation in line thickness is not as great, making them suitable for normal handwriting. Unlike Italic and Calligraphy nibs, the Stub nib has rounded corners and edges which makes it very smooth and easy to write with.
An easy to use nib, ideal for beginners and for making your handwriting a little more versatile and distinctive.

Flex Nib:
Antique steel.
Line width from 0.3mm to 2mm fully flexed.
Flex Nibs are simply nibs that are more flexible than normal nibs.  When you press down on a flex nib, the nib’s tines spread apart, making a broader line.  Normal nibs are rigid, with little flexibility. If you press down too hard on a normal nib, the tines may spread apart but they will dig into the paper and will eventually stay apart. The direction determines the line width with Stub, Italic and Calligraphy Nibs. The downward presssure determines the line width with the flex nib. Their ability to make varying line widths in any direction can produce very interesting, attractive and unique styles of handwriting.

Flex nibs take a bit of practice to master but produce a unique style of handwriting that is a reflection of the user's own handwriting style.

About Dilli Pens and Fountain Pen Revolution

Fountain Pen Revolution is a family business based in India, run by American expat Kevin Thiemann. FPR and JustWrite are both committed to making affordable fountain pens available as alternatives to the expensive big brand pens and JustWrite is proud to offer the Dilli for the first time in Australia.

The Dilli was designed and built to Kevin's specifications and is the first pen in the FPR Collection to be released. The Dilli Fountain Pen has been extensively and favourably reviewed by various pen experts and enthusiasts and you can see these reviews by searching Google for "Dilli Fountain Pen Reviews".

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Dilli Fountain Pen - Clear - Piston Filler - Choice of Nibs

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