Blackstone Industrie Solid Stainless Steel Fountain Pen

Blackstone Industrie Solid Stainless Steel Fountain Pen


The Blackstone Industrie fountain pen is machined from solid stainless steel rod and the barrel and cap have a wall thickness of 1.1mm. The threaded cap screws on to post positively and securely without damaging the barrel or the cap. The uncomplicated industrial design takes the fountain pen back to the basics of functionality and durability. This is a solid, heavy metal pen designed to last a lifetime and the optional German Made JoWo nibs provide the ultimate handwriting experience.

Stainless steel is an incredibly tough and durable metal and this pen won’t rust, fade, crack, or break if dropped. Scratches can be polished out and the finish can be easily maintained with any good quality mineral oil or stainless steel polish..

We’ll ship this pen to you polished with a protective oil coating. If you prefer the bright, shiny finish you can maintain it’s shine by regularly polishing it with a good quality mineral oil or any quality stainless steel polish.

The Heavy Metal series from Blackstone’s pen collection is a series of metal pens with barrels and caps machined from solid metal bars with wall thicknesses of 1.1mm. The metals are left in their natural state and can be polished regularly to maintain their bright shiny appearance or allowed to develop an aged patina that will be as unique as it’s owner.

The Blackstone Industrie fountain pen accepts standard international ink cartridges and converters so you don’t need to hunt around for that special cartridge or converter that will only fit your pen.

Blackstone pens are designed and hand made in Blackstone, Australia. Each pen is assembled by hand and individually tested.


Choose from a range of quality nibs.
Well balanced with or without cap posted.
All metal pen chassis made from solid stainless steel.
Threaded barrel for the cap to post securely without damaging cap or barrel.
Accepts standard ink cartridges and converters.
Two Year Warranty
Made in Australia


Brand: Blackstone
Barrel Material: Stainless Steel. 1.1mm wall thickness.
Barrel Colour: Natural Stainless Steel.
Cap Material: Stainless Steel. 1.1mm wall thickness.
Cap Colour: Natural Stainless Steel.
Cap Type: Screw on
Does Cap Post: Yes. Screws on.
Hand Grip Material: Stainless Steel.
Trim Material: None
Barrel Diameter: 12mm
Cap Diameter: 12.5mm
Hand Grip Diameter: 11mm
Hand Grip Length: 16mm. 22mm including thread.
Length Capped: 139mm
Length with Cap Posted: 172mm
Length Uncapped: 132
Total Weight: 67.5g
Body Weight: 41g
Cap Weight: 26.5g
Filling Mechanism: Includes converter. Accepts Standard International Cartridges
Nib Size: #5 (5mm)

Warranty: Two Years.

Blackstone Pens are hand made made in Blackstone, Australia.

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