Colours of Australia

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See the latest review by UK artist Nick Stewart.

Nick Stewart is a UK based artist who (among many other things) takes fountain pen ink and bleach and makes magic.

Click the link above to see Nick’s review of the Colours of Australia inks and CLICK HERE to see more of Nick’s work.

Product Compare

Blackstone Fountain Pen Ink – Colours of Australia – All Five Colours – 30ml PP Bottles
All five Blackstone Colours of Australia fountain pen inks in 30ml Polypropylene Bottles.Blackstone ..

  1. $35.95
    Blackstone Fountain Pen Ink – Barrier Reef Blue – 30ml PP Bottle
    Blackstone Barrier Reef Blue fountain pen ink is a lively, bright blue inspired by the beautiful, my..
  2. $7.95
    Blackstone Fountain Pen Ink – Black Stump – 30ml PP Bottle
    Blackstone Black Stump Black fountain pen ink is a dark, purple black ink inspired by the Australian..
  3. $7.95
    Blackstone Fountain Pen Ink – Daintree Green – 30ml PP Bottle
    Blackstone Daintree Green fountain pen ink is a deep, rich green ink inspired by the deep, rich gree..
  4. $7.95
    Blackstone Fountain Pen Ink – Golden Wattle – 30ml
    Blackstone Golden Wattle is a golden yellow ink inspired by the flowers of the Golden Wattle (Acacia..
  5. $7.95
    Blackstone Fountain Pen Ink – Sydney Harbour Blue – 30ml PP Bottle
    Blackstone Sydney Harbour Blue fountain pen ink is a dark grayish blue ink inspired by the grey blue..