The age of smartphones and tablets is at hand. Everything around us moves and changes with but a touch of a finger. Enter the touch screen pen. The Sensy 2 is a touch screen pen, recommended for people who have dexterity problems using their fingers on a touch screen, for people who want to avoid leaving fingerprints, or for individuals who've long nails and wish not to introduce stress to either nail or screen. The Sensy 2 touch screen pen is a high tech touch screen pen, making it ideal for diverse applications such as text entry or games such as puzzles, which usually requires greater accuracy. The stylus is bi-functional, allowing the user an option of either a touch screen pen or a fine nib marker pen.

Definitely a more creative and technological approach towards daily use in business, schools or personal life.

The new micro brush is made of conductive fibers that enables users to maximize leverage on the touch pen's sensitivity. The 3.3mm diameter pen tip increases screen touch area therefore making it easier to manipulate.

The stylus is made of bundled conductive fibers to provide better sensitivity compared to silicone rubber nibs.
A pliable tip ensures response even with the slightest touch when used on screen surfaces without leaving any marks.
The fiber brush allows for smoother strokes and a writing experience that is second to none.
The fiber brush is designed for greater control and accuracy.
The stylus is made up of conductive fibers that maintain performance without reducing sensitivity even after its 10,000th use as proven in a test environment.
 A metal axis is typically used in touch pens. In Sensy 2 a resin axis incorporating high-tech metal conductive patterns allows a further reduction of total pen weight.
Sensy 2 is a sophisticatedly designed, light, capped pen that can be used in a variety of diverse environments such as stock management, from warehouses to grocery stores, or even when you need to use tablets wearing gloves or mittens in the kitchen.

Please note: The marker cannot be refilled..

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Platinum Sensy 2 Touch Screen Pen - White

  • $18.00

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Platinum Sensy 2 Touch Screen Pen - Black

The age of smartphones and tablets is at hand. Everything ar..


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