This pen flushing bulb is used to flush ink from your fountain pen. There are a few ways these bulbs can be used - my preference is to cut the tip down so the section can be screwed into the bulb. I find it's a more secure fit and it will flush the area around the top of the feed where the cartridge or converter goes in. In the product pictures you will notice that the bulb tip has been cut down so the pen section can be screwed in. When you cut the tip down to size don't cut too close to the bulb itself. The rubber will stretch to accommodate most sections and will close tightly around it.

Or you can also simply insert the tip of the bulb into the top of the section until it is tight. 

Please note: The bulb will be supplied intact as it appears in the main product picture, not cut down as shown in the other pictures.


1) Cut the tip down so you can screw the section into it.
2) Remove the section from the pen and the converter or cartridge from the section.
3) Insert the tip of the bulb into a container of water and gently squeeze and release the bulb to draw water up into the bulb.
4) Screw the section into the bulb.
5) Place a sponge, folded towel or Ink Spill Mat on the bottom of the sink in case the section is forced out.
6) Hold the section and gently squeeze the bulb with your other hand.

Remember you are forcing the water through very small capillaries so it will take a little time. 

You may need to repeat if you use very dark or saturated inks or the pen has been left with ink in it for some time.

Most sections will screw in fairly tightly but you may need to hold on to thinner sections to prevent them being forced out. 

Laboratory Grade Bulb.
100% Natural Rubber.
Dimensions: Approx. 110 x 60mm
Liquid Capacity: 90ml

What you said:
The 15 ml bulbs were way too small.

What we did:
Replaced them with your choice of 30 ml, 90 ml or 120 ml.

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Pen Flushing Bulb - 90 ml

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