Left handed fountain pen from Schneider. This fountain pen has a specially designed nib to allow smooth ink flow without scratching when used left handed. Schneider's award winning iD fountain pen has a rather unique profile that sets it apart from most fountain pens. The first thing you will notice is the over sized cap with it's over sized pocket clip. Despite it's radical appearance, it's full sized pen at 148mm capped and medium weight at 27g. Take the cap off and it's weight drops to 15.5g and it's big enough to write with without the cap. It's perfect if you like a big pen but don't like a heavy pen.

The Schneider iD has an ergonomically designed, rubberised hand grip with a finger stop that your index finger seems to naturally rest on. There is a flat section beneath for the supporting finger and your fingers seem to naturally seek out the best position to hold it. It's a very comfortable pen to hold with it's light weight and ergonomic, rubberised hand grip and feels like it will be very comfortable for long writing sessions.

The cap is covered with the same rubberised material as the hand grip and the pocket clip works very well despite it's large and unusual design. The pocket clip also has a loop for a lanyard which is a practical and unexpected feature. The barrel and cap are translucent black ABS plastic and the pocket clip is chrome plated steel. 

One stand out feature of the iD is the way the cap posts. The cap slides onto the barrel with the feel of a pneumatic piston. 32mm of the barrel goes into the cap making it very secure when posted. The barrel has a rubberised end cap which fits into the cap very precisely, going in with noticeable air resistance. If you pull the cap off quickly it makes a very satisfying popping noise. If you post the cap just be sure to have the pocket clip on the top so it doesn't rest on your hand.

The nib is polished stainless steel and, like the rest of the pen, is Made in Germany by Schneider.


Ergonomic, rubberised hand grip.
ABS plastic body.
Chrome plated metal pocket clip
Cap posts securely.
German Made quality.
Winner Red Dot Design Award 2010
Winner Innovation Award 2009
Accepts standard ink cartridges and converters.
Two Year Warranty


Brand: Schneider
Model: iD 16924
Barrel Material: Translucent ABS plastic.
Barrel Colour: Black
Cap Material: Rubberised ABS plastic.
Cap Colour: Black
Cap Type: Snap on.
Does Cap Post: Yes. Slides on beautifully.
Hand Grip Material: Rubberised ABS plastic.
Trim Material: Chrome

Barrel Diameter: 13mm
Cap Diameter: 18mm
Hand Grip Diameter: 11mm to 12.5mm
Hand Grip Length: 30mm.
Length Capped: 148mm
Length with Cap Posted: 165mm
Length Uncapped: 129

Total Weight: 27g
Body Weight: 15g
Cap Weight: 11.5g

Filling Mechanism: Accepts Standard International Cartridges and Converter.

Nib Size: Proprietary 
Nib Options: M, B or Left Handed M
Material: Stainless Steel.
Warranty: Two Years. 

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Schneider iD Fountain Pen - Black with Chrome Trim - Left Handed Medium Nib

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