In China and most of Asia Hero pens are as well known and popular as Parker Pens are in the West and the Hero 338 is one of the the most well known and popular pens in China.

These are excellent value pens and there is no doubt about their quality - they are used by millions of Chinese people every day as a work pen. It's impossible to accurately render Chinese and Asian letters with a ballpoint pen because you can't vary the width of the line - which is why fountain pens are more common than ballpoints in Asia. The Hero 300 series are used in everyday work - like the Parker Jotter over here.

Its a lightweight, well balanced pen with a stainless steel body and natural satin finish, chrome trim, fine hooded nib, and Aerometric ink filler. The Chinese characters for HERO and the number 338 are engraved around the base of the cap.  The cap has a nylon clutch and seals well around the inner cap to prevent dryout. The cap does not snap on but slides on with an almost pneumatic feel and the nylon clutch inside the cap grips the clutch ring on the barrel firmly.  The cap is designed to post and fits on securely.

To fill the pen, unscrew the barrel, put the nib in the ink bottle, and press the bar four to six times for a good fill. The clutch ring acts as a slender ink window that warns you when the pen is nearly empty. The nib is a Hero stainless steel and is a smooth, stiff, fine point.

Dimensions: 138 x 11mm capped. 125 uncapped. 153mm with cap posted.
Weight: 12g
Colour:  Stainless Steel with chrome trim.
Finish:  Satin
Construction: Plastic, brass and steel.
Nib: Hooded Hero Fine stainless steel.
Ink Filler: Aerometric press bar.
NB. This pen does NOT take a convertor or cartridge. It only works with bottled ink.

About Hero Pens

Hero pens are made by the Shanghai Hero Pen Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of the Shanghai Hero Group Co. Ltd, a diverse multi-industry company, with thirteen subsidiaries, including the manufacture of pens, musical instruments, appliances, chemicals and real estate.

Shanghai Hero Pen Co was founded in 1931 as the Huafu Pen Factory and is the oldest pen manufactuer in China.  Hero pen brands include, Hero, Doctor, Happiness, Huafu, Xinming, Guanleming, Xinhua, and Gentleman.

There is a huge variety of budget priced Hero fountain pens and they are as commonplace in China and the rest of Asia as the Parker Jotter is over here.

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Hero 338 Fountain Pen - Stainless Steel - Fine Hooded Nib

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