This pen features a gold dragon on glazed yellow porcelain.  

Please note: The cap does not post well on this pen and it's a bit heavier than the other porcelain pens at 44g

These beautiful pens are made from brilliant glazed porcelain with screen printed motifs and patterns. Porcelain may seem an odd choice for a fountain pen but perhaps not when you consider porcelain was invented in China in the 7th Century. The porcelain bodies of these pens always seem to feel cold to the touch but they do make a pleasant change from the traditional plastic or metal pens. 

Please note that these pens are hand made and they don't have the uniformity and precision of mass produced pens made by machines. 

Finish:  Glazed porcelain.
Materials: Porcelain and Metal
Body: Porcelain
Trim: Chrome
Cap Type: Snap on
With cap: 140mm
Without cap: 120mm
With cap posted: 160mm 
Diameter: 13mm
Weight: 44g
Nib Material: Polished stainless steel.
Nib Size: Medium #5 
Ink Filler: Converter or Standard cartridges.
Made by: Golden Dragon Pen Company, China

About Golden Dragon Pens:
Golden Dragon pens are made by the Golden Dragon Pen Company Co Ltd in Jingdezhen in the province of Jiangzi in China. The Golden Dragon Pen Company specialize in porcelain fountain pens, rollerball pens and ballpoint pens and don't seem to make them out of anything else. Golden Dragon is a small, independent pen maker and most of their pens are made by hand.

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Golden Dragon Porcelain Fountain Pen - Yellow Dragon

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