InkStorm hand wipes were developed by Blackstone Ink specifically to remove fountain pen ink stains from hands. Fountain pen ink stains can be very difficult to remove from hands because the ink is absorbed into the skin. Inkstorm works by converting the dyes and pigments used in fountain pen inks into a colourless form instead of trying to remove them physically like most cleaners do. Inkstorm also contains surfactants and the hand wipe provides a gentle physical action to penetrate the stain and neutralise the colour without the use of harsh abrasives. Inkstorm does not contain bleach, solvents, abrasives or any harsh chemicals.

InkStorm hand wipes are sealed in individual double sealed foil packs to prevent them drying out and the pack can be resealed so you don't need to discard the hand wipe if you only have a few mild stains.

The 150 x 200mm hand wipe is large enough to comfortably clean your hands. It's also tough enough to withstand vigorous hand wiping in the case of severe ink stains.

Tear off the top of the pack where it is notched then undo the second resealable seal to remove the hand wipe. Rub the hand wipe vigorously directly on the ink stains. Severe stains and stains that have been on your hands for a while may take some time to remove. If your hands are not badly stained you can fold the hand wipe, place it back in the pack and reaseal it to use again. Wash your hands thoroughly after use.

Inkstorm hand wipes are ideal to have on hand anywhere you might get ink on your hands. Keep a few packs at work, at home and carry them with you in your briefcase, purse or handbag or even in your pocket. Their convenient size enables you to take them anywhere you take your fountain pen.

Single price: $2.00 each. Lots of 10: $2.00 each.

Specifically developed to remove fountain pen ink from hands.
Contains no harsh chemicals, solvents or abrasives.
Convenient carry size pack 73 x 93mm.
Packed in double sealed foil sachets.
Pack can be resealed and the hand wipe reused if used on light staining.
Tough, large sized hand wipe 150 x 200mm.
Available individually or in lots of 10.
Developed by Blackstone Ink and made in Australia.

CAUTION: Wash your hands thoroughly after use. InkStorm may have an adverse effect on some materials used to make fountain pens.

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Blackstone InkStorm Hand Wipes for Fountain Pen Ink

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