This refill bottle is ideal for filling eyedropper pens, cartridges and ink converters, mixing  and transferring ink. It has an 18g blunt needle built into the screw on cap and a silicon seal to go over the needle. 

With this refill bottle you can refill and re-use ink cartridges and save a lot of spills and mess when performing routine tasks associated with using a fountain pen including:

Fill eyedropper pens.
Refill and re-use ink cartridges.
Fill inkwells without spills.
Transfer ink to another bottle.
Get the last remaining ink out of an ink bottle.
Fill a converter without having to dip the nib into the ink bottle.
Use bottled ink in pens that you cannot get a converter for.
Flush out cartridges before refilling with ink.
Flush out converters and ink sacs.
Save money - bottled ink works out much cheaper than cartridges.
Cartridges hold more ink than most converters.
Use inks that do not come in cartridges
Mix your own inks.

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Fountain Pen Refill Bottle with Fixed Needle - 30ml

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