The DELIKE Alpha fountain pen is a solid brass, pocket sized fountain pen weighing in at 46g at 115mm long capped, extending to a full sized pen at 135mm when the cap is posted in the writing position. The cap screws onto the barrel and it posts with a tight friction fit.

The DELIKE Alpha takes a standard full sized converter or standard International ink cartridges so you don't need to hunt around for that special cartridge or converter that will only fit your pen.

This pen is supplied with a chrome plated pocket clip and you can choose from a range of quality OEM nibs or German made JoWo nibs to provide the ultimate handwriting experience.

The DELIKE Alpha fountain pen is machined from solid brass and the barrel and cap have a wall thickness of 0.7mm. The threaded cap screws onto the barrel with coarse, industrial threads that will never strip or cross thread. This is a solid, heavy metal pen designed to last a lifetime and the optional German Made JoWo nibs provide the ultimate handwriting experience.

Brass is one of the most enduring materials on Earth. Brass is an incredibly durable metal and this pen won't rust, fade, crack, or break if dropped. The brass is left in it's natural state with no protective coatings and the appearance of the patina will be affected by how often the pen is used and how the pen is handled creating a pen that is as unique as you are.

We'll ship this pen to you polished with a protective oil coating. If you prefer to let a patina further develop you can simply do nothing and allow the oil coating to wear away or wipe it off with a cloth to hurry things along.

DELIKE pens are made in China and we supply and fit the nib, feed and converter and individually test each pen.


Accepts standard ink cartridges and converters.

Supplied with pocket clip.

Choose from a range of quality OEM or JoWo nibs.

Well balanced with or without cap posted.

All metal pen body made from solid brass.

Optional metal gift box.

Two Year Warranty



Model: Alpha Antique Brass

Barrel Material: Pure brass. 0.7mm wall thickness.

Barrel Colour: Antique brass.

Cap Material: Pure brass. 0.7mm wall thickness.

Cap Colour: Antique brass.

Cap Type: Screw on

Does Cap Post: Yes.

Hand Grip Material: Pure brass

Trim Material: None

Barrel Diameter: 10.5mm

Cap Diameter: 13mm

Hand Grip Diameter: 9-9.5mm

Hand Grip Length: 16mm. 18mm including thread.

Length Capped: 115mm

Length Uncapped: 111mm

Total Weight: 46g

Body Weight: 31g

Cap Weight: 15g

Filling Mechanism: Includes converter. Accepts Standard International Cartridges and converters.

Nib Size: #5 (5mm)

Nib Options: 

OEM Medium: Gold plated, Two Tone Gold Plated, Stainless Steel.

JoWo: Two Tone EF, F, M

Warranty: Two Years.

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DELIKE Alpha Antique Brass Pocket Fountain Pen

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