Our second Totally Random Product for our new Centre  Aisle - EggsOnTimer triple timers with three hourglasses. Our Centre Aisle is where you'll find where you'll find totally random products that will come and go just like these EggsOnTimers. 

Three Timers in One ! 

The EggsOnTimer has three hourglass timers:

3 minutes with white sand - for a soft boiled egg.
4 minutes with yellow sand -. For a medium egg.
5 minutes with orange sand - for a hard boiled egg.

Eggs to Perfection !

Perfect for boiling or poaching, the EggsOnTimer will accurately indicate soft, medium and hard boiled or poached eggs to perfection.

It Will Make Dad Mum and the Kids All Happy !

Suppose the kids like their eggs soft, Mum likes her's medium and Dad likes his hard boiled. Now, with the EggsOnTimer you can put all the eggs in at once and when the white hourglass has emptied, take the kids out, then when the yellow hourglass has emptied, take out Mum's and finally take Dad's hard boiled eggs out when the orange hourglass has emptied. What could be simpler?

No Irritating Ticking or Jangly Alarm !

There is no irritating click or jangly bell of a mechanical timer and no spring to wear out. Simply upend the EggsOnTimer and watch it begin it's silent work. The only sound the EgssOnTimer makes is the sound of sand moving through an hourglass. 

No Irritating Beeping !

Once it was just phones - but now ovens, coffee makers, toasters, microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines, clothes driers, cars if you don't close the door properly or don't fasten your seat belt properly will beep at you and keep on beeping until you finally bend to their will.

You're in Control !

The EggsOnTimer will never beep at you. When it has done it's work it simply waits and lets you intervene when you are ready. It won't try to bend you to it's will like those other beeping appliances. You're in control.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

And you can sit back and watch the sands pass through the hourglass just like the days of your life while you're waiting for your breakfast. 

Will Also Time Phone Calls !

Now you can manage your phone calls just like your eggs. Let's face it, we're all busy and we can't afford to spend hours on the phone talking to people who've got nothing better to do. Invert the EggsOnTimer every time you answer a phone call and treat your calls like your eggs. Allow the SOFT callers three minutes of your time, MEDIUM callers four minutes and HARD callers, perhaps people you care about, five minutes of your time. And... the sleek lines of the EggsOnTimer will grace any desk.

Height: 80mm
Length: 85mm
Width: 30mm
Brand: iS Gifts Australia
Model: EggsOnTimer
MPN: IS51176
Material: ABS Plastic, Silica Sand.
Colour: Black or White

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EggsOnTimer - Triple Hourglass Timer

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