The barrel and cap of this pen were made from a discarded hardwood weatherboard. Weatherboards were usually rough cut in widths of 20-30cms tapering from about 20mm to 6mm. They were laid overlapping vertically and nailed directly to the timber frame of the house. Weatherboards began to fall out of favour in the 1950s, replaced by the more precision cut, interlocking timber chamferboards.

This particular weatherboard looks very old with many layers of paint and had weathered to a dull grey where the paint had peeled off. The weatherboard was was first cut into lengths 150mm wide. These 150mm wide lengths were then cut into pieces 150mm long x 18mm square, centre drilled, reinforced with brass tubes, cut to fit the pen, then turned on the lathe.The first cut revealed a dark reddish brown timber colour which sanded to a close grained, fairly smooth finish. It's difficult to say what kind of timber this is but it looks very much like Red Gum.

Weatherboards are a very basic, simple form of building material and in keeping with it's heritage, the timber hasn't been overworked to a fine glossy finish but rather left so that it still feels like wood. This is a wooden pen proud to be wood and hasn't been made to try and look smooth and perfect like plastic.

It's been sanded smooth and finished with a light coating of Renaissance wax and can be maintained in perfect condition with any quality wax furniture polish.

Please note that each pen is slightly different and the picture is indicative. Each one is hand made and they do not have the uniformity and 'perfection' of a mass produced product.

This pen takes a standard #5 nib and a range of nib options is available. It's fitted with a quality German made Schmidt K1 convertor. It takes standard international ink cartridges and converters so you don't need to hunt around for that special cartridge or converter that will only fit your pen. Each pen is assembled by hand and individually tested. 

Matching  rollerball pens, ballpoint pens and letter openers are also available.


Easy to change and replace nibs.

Choose from a wide range of quality nibs.
Well balanced with or without cap posted.
All metal pen chassis made from steel and brass.
Accepts standard ink cartridges and converters.
Two Year Warranty
Made in Australia

Brand: Blackstone
Barrel Material: Recycled Weatherboard with brass inner tube.
Barrel Colour: Reddish brown woodgrain.
Cap Material:  Recycled Weatherboard with brass inner tube.
Cap Colour: Reddish brown woodgrain.
Cap Type: Snap on.
Does Cap Post: Yes.
Hand Grip Material: ABS Plastic.
Trim Material: Gold plated brass and steel

Barrel Diameter: 9 - 11mm
Cap Diameter: 9 - 12mm
Hand Grip Diameter: 7mm to 8mm
Hand Grip Length: 23mm.
Length Capped: 145mm
Length with Cap Posted: 170mm
Length Uncapped: 125mm

Total Weight: 24g
Body Weight: 13g
Cap Weight: 11g

Filling Mechanism: Includes converter. Accepts Standard International Cartridges

Nib Size: #5 (5mm)
Nib Options: 
OEM Medium: Gold plated, Two Tone Gold Plated, Stainless Steel.
JoWo: Two Tone EF, F, M, B, 1.1 Italic and 1.4 Italic.Warranty: Two Years. 

Blackstone Pens are hand made in Blackstone, Australia.

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NEW - Blackstone Recycled Weatherboard Fountain Pen - with Gold Trim

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