Blackstone Ink

Blackstone fountain pen ink is a high quality, Australian made fountain pen ink formulated from water soluble dyes with no harmful additives and is pH neutral. Blackstone ink can also be used with a stylus or brushes and is ideal for writing, calligraphy, drawing, washes, painting, and airbrushing.

Blackstone Barrister inks are waterproof nano pigment fountain pen inks. Barrister inks are 100% waterproof and are unaffected by complete immersion in water. They are fade resistant and highly resistive to bleach, alcohol and mild acids.

Blackstone fountain pen ink is packaged in reusable Polypropylene bottles. Polypropylene is one of the toughest plastics in existence and these bottles are practically indestructible. They can be knocked about, dropped, frozen and will withstand high temperatures without damage. These bottle can be re-purposed as ink carry or storage bottles and Polypropylene is completely recyclable.


Blackstone inks do not contain any animal products or animal derived ingredients and no animal derived materials are used in the manufacturing process. None of the ingredients used in Blackstone inks contain any animal products or animal derived ingredients and have not been tested on animals.
Blackstone inks do not contain glycerine, a humectant and lubricant  often used in inks, that is usually derived from animal by products.

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