Blackstone Golden Wattle is a golden yellow ink inspired by the flowers of the Golden Wattle (Acacia Pycnantha). The golden wattle is  Australia's Floral Emblem and is an Australian native tree that grows to about 8m in height.  From late winter to early summer the trees are completely covered with their bright golden yellow flowers. It's well behaved ink and on some papers with broad nibs or a wet pen it will show interesting dark orange halo effects but like many yellow inks it may crystallize on some nibs. This is completely harmless and can be wiped off easily

Blackstone fountain pen ink is a high quality, Australian made fountain pen ink formulated from water soluble dyes with no harmful additives and is pH neutral. Blackstone ink can also be used with a stylus or brushes and is ideal for writing, calligraphy, drawing, washes, painting, and airbrushing.

Golden Wattle is the latest release in Blackstone's Colours of Australia series. 

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Ink Type: Washable
Feathering: None
Saturation: Medium Low. Legible.
Shading: None
Show Through: Low
Bleed Through: Very low
Container: Reusable polypropylene bottle.
Quantity: 1000ml
Cost per ml: 0.07 ml
Suitable for all types of fountain pen, dip pens, brushes and stylus. Ideal for writing, calligraphy, drawing, washes, painting, and airbrushing.
Made in Australia by Blackstone Ink.

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Blackstone Fountain Pen Ink - Golden Wattle - 1000ml

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