The barrel and cap of this pen are machined from a solid block of Acrylic Acetate, the same material used in some very expensive pens. Acrylic Acetate is an ideal material for pens, it's durable, impact resistant,  scratch resistant and polishes to a high sheen. It has excellent optical clarity which allows the coloured pigments to show through with crystal clarity giving it a translucent, almost transparent quality.

This pen is predominantly blue in varying shades with thick black swirls and a gold plated trim.  It features a thick tapered barrel, 15mm in the middle, designed to rest comfortably on the hand while writing. Brass tubes in the barrel and cap provide a strong framework for the acrylic overlay.

Blackstone Classic fountain pens accept standard international ink cartridges and converters so you don't need to hunt around for that special cartridge or converter that will only fit your pen. To post or not to post is no longer an issue. The Classic barrel is specially threaded to allow the cap to screw on and post securely without damaging the barrel or the cap. 

Blackstone Classic pens are designed and hand made in Blackstone, Australia. Each pen is assembled by hand and individually tested. 


Choose from a wide range of quality nibs.
Well balanced with or without cap posted.
All metal pen chassis made from steel and brass.
Threaded barrel for the cap to post securely without damaging cap or barrel.
Accepts standard ink cartridges and converters.
Two Year Warranty
Hand Made in Australia

Brand: Blackstone
Barrel Material: Acrylic Acetate on brass.
Cap Material:  Acrylic Acetate on brass.
Cap Type: Screw on
Does Cap Post: Yes. Screws on.
Hand Grip Material: Gold plated brass.
Trim Material:  Gold plated brass and steel

Barrel Diameter: 12 - 15mm
Cap Diameter: 14 - 15mm
Hand Grip Diameter: 9mm to 8mm
Hand Grip Length: 23mm. 29mm including thread.
Length Capped: 132mm
Length with Cap Posted: 165mm
Length Uncapped: 123mm

Total Weight: 37g
Body Weight: 22g
Cap Weight: 15g

Filling Mechanism: Includes converter. Accepts Standard International Cartridges

Nib Size: #5 (5mm)
Nib Options: 
OEM Medium: Gold plated, Two Tone Gold Plated, Stainless Steel.
JoWo: Stainless Steel Two Tone EF, F, M
Warranty: Two Years. 

Blackstone Pens are hand made made in Blackstone, Australia.

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NEW - Blackstone Classic Acrylic Fountain Pen - Blue and Black with Gold Trim

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