Quality battery operated (4 x AA) 4 watt fluorescent UV (Ultraviolet) hand held blacklight suitable for use with Fisher UV pens, Fisher UV refills, and our UV markers, ink and paint. This compact sized (165 x 35 x 40mm) blacklight emits UV light which causes UV ink, as used in Fisher UV pens and refills and our UV Security Marker Pens to flouresce.

This unit emits almost pure UV light at approx. 360nm and very low levels of visible light. It can also be used for a wide range of other purposes including: detecting cracks, imperfections and repairs; verifying antique glassware (vaseline and uranium glass glow under UV light); forged coins, stamps, banknotes and documents.

A quality product from Code 10TM Security Protection Devices in the US.    

Length: 165mm x 35mm wide x 40mm deep.
Weight: 148g with batteries
UV Light Source: 1 x F4T5BLB flourescent tube. (150mm)
UV Wavelength: Approx. 360nm
Batteries: 4 x AA
Switch: Slide on/off
Construction: ABS plastic
Batteries are NOT included.

Warning: UV light is harmful to your eyes and can cause permanent damage. Never look directly at the light source and never direct the light at other people faces.

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UV 4 Watt Flourescent Blacklight

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