Tomoe River Paper - 100 A4 Loose Leaf Sheets - White


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Tomoe River Paper - now available in Australia. Is Tomoe River Paper the best ever paper for fountain pens? A lot of fountain pen enthusiasts seem to think so, and with good reason when you 

look at some of it's features.

Tomoe River paper features:

1) Silky smooth surface, perfect for nibs.
2) No feathering.
3) No bleed-through.
4) Compatible with a wide range of inks and nib types.
5) Dense, but super thin and lightweight (52gsm).

Tomoe River Paper is a colour catalog print paper, specifically developed by
Tomoegawa to reduce the weight of catalogues and the costs of high volume
catalog mailouts, shipping and handling. These same qualities that make it
so perfect for catalog printing, coincidentally make it perfect for fountain

At 52gsm it's much lighter than normal print or copy paper and it is so thin
that a 1,000 sheet ream is thinner than a 500 sheet ream of standard 80gsm
copy paper. It's similar in thickness to the thin paper often used for
Bibles and like that paper there is some show-through but not enough to

Sheets are carefully sealed in an envelope and then placed in a rigid
cardboard box for mailing.

Tomoe River Paper is made in Japan by Tomoegawa Co Ltd.
Exclusive to JustWrite in Australia.

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Notebooks and Journals:
Tomoe River Paper is perfect for notebooks and journals but presently only
hand made ones are available and they are quite expensive. But if you really
want a notebook or journal you can always make one yourself.

Here are 10 step by step tutorials to mke your own unique notebook on the
Apartment Therapy website:

I won't say they look easy but they all look doable. Of course you could
simply buy an A4 binder and do it even simpler.

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