FPN Toucan Fountain Pen Ink Group Buy

Toucan Ink Fountain Pen Network Group BUy

This is an exclusive Group Buy offer available only to US based members of the Fountain Pen Network.

If you have an interest in fountain pens we highly recommend the Fountain Pen Network. Membership is free and gives you access to information and latest news about fountain pens and inks, advice and information and a forum to share information and advice and to discuss fountain pen related issues with like minded people.

How the Group Buys Works:
Order whatever ink you would like in this section of the website - No minimum purchase is required.
Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged when you place the order on the JustWrite website.

On 28.05.2014 when the offer expires, JustWrite will send all the orders to FPN member Sinistral1, who will repackage and post the individual orders to members in the US.
Sinistral1 will advise you of the postage cost payable for your order and you pay Sinistral1 with PayPal before the ink is shipped to you.

You will only pay the actual cost of packing and posting the order within the US.
JustWrite will pay for the cost of shipping the orders from Australia to the US.
You pay JustWrite for the ink only when you place your order and pay Sinistra1 for the postage within the US before she ships the ink to you.

Prices are in Australian Dollars.

Please include your FPN Username in the Comments section during checkout.

Please note: Toucan have just released a new ink - SCARLET. If you have already bought a 14 x sample pack, 30ml or 60ml pouches you can buy the ADD ON Scarlet if you would like your pack to include the new Scarlet ink. The ADD ON product is at the top of the list fo products on the same page where you bought he original 14 x pack.