DIPLOMAT Traveller glossy black lacquered fountain pen with chrome trim and stainless steel nib.

The Traveller series from Diplomat are a slimline, lightweight fountain pen with a streamlined, elegant appearance. They all have a full brass and steel body and are available in glossy black lacquer, stainless steel and a range of pastel matt colours with a hard wearing lapis finish.

The DIPLOMAT Traveller series are available with a polished stainless steel nib in Fine or Medium. The pastel lapis pens are only available with medium nibs.

All nibs are premanently attached to the section and comlpete nib assemblies are available making changing the nib a simple matter of unscrewing the nib assembly and screwing the new one in.

Removing feeders and swapping nibs can be problematic for a lot of people and these complete nib assemblies allow everyone to easily change nibs.

DIPLOMAT have opted for a snap on cap for this series and the caps snap on with a very positive click, and fit and seal very well. Like every other part of the pen, the cap mechanism is very well engineered to precise tolerances.

DIPLOMAT Traveller fountain pens are hand crafted in Germany and individually checked before leaving the factory, ensuring that every one will write perfectly straight out of the box.

The DIPLOMAT Traveller series comes in a range of matching ballpoint pens and rollerball pens.

You can buy DIPLOMAT Ink Cartridges and Bottled Ink HERE.

Dimensions:  Capped 135mm, Uncapped 124mm, Cap posted 154mm.
Width: 9mm.
Weight: 14g
Colour: Black with chrome trim.
Finish: Gloss
Construction: Brass and steel.
Nib: Stainless Steel - Fine. 
Ink Filler: Standard rotary piston convertor and Universal/International cartridges.
Warranty: 5 years. If you have any problems with this pen return it to JustWrite for repair, replacement or refund.


DIPLOMAT GmbH is a privately owned company established in 1922 and located at Kierspe in Germany. DIPLOMAT manufacture a wide range of high quality yet affordable fountain pens, rollerball pens, ballpoint pens and writing accessories. DIPLOMAT make their own nibs, feeders, ink flow systems and converters, inks and ink cartridges in their Lierspe factory.

DIPLOMAT fountain pens feature metal casings, a choice of 14K gold or stainless steel nibs, are hand made and individually tested before leaving the factory. They take Standard International ink cartridges.

DIPLOMAT fountain pens have a FIVE YEAR Warranty.

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DIPLOMAT Traveller Fountain Pen - Gloss Black Lacquer with Chrome Trim - Fine SS Nib

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