• DIPLOMAT Nib Assembly - Traveller - Stainless Steel Medium Nib

Complete screw in nib assembly with chrome trim for all DIPLOMAT Traveller fountain pens. This is a complete nib assembly including nib, feeder and section that simply screws in to replace the existing nib assembly.

There is a gold plated nib available to match Traveller fountain pens with the gold trim.

DIPLOMAT have made it incredibly easy to replace nibs with these complete nib assemblies. Removing a nib and feeder can be a daunting task for people unfamiliar with fountain pens but now anyone can do it.

If you like to use a different width nib for different styles and types of writing, normally you would need two or three fountain pens each with a different sized nib - or you'd have to remove the nib and feeder and reassemble it all very carefully to change nibs. Now you can have one pen and two nib assemblies and changing from fine to medium or broad is as easy as unscrewing the assembly and screwing the new one in.

Traveller nib assemblies are available in fine and medium.


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DIPLOMAT Nib Assembly - Traveller - Stainless Steel Medium Nib

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